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Douglas Earl Werts

Doug was born in southern California, but has lived in the Seattle area most of his life.  Music has always been an important part of his life.  He began playing wind instruments at the age of 10.  At the age of 14, took up  the guitar.  He continued to learn various wind instruments from the Bassoon to the Trumpet.  In High School he began singing.  Doug sang in two of the school choirs and still  played in a wind ensemble and orchestra.  He also played  guitar at church for the youth group.
     In college Doug sang with a music ministry team.  This consisted of a group of six that sang at various churches mostly in Western Washington.  For a year he traveled and sang with two other groups as part of a musical outreach ministry.  These teams were based out of Minneapolis Minnesota and traveled the United States.  
     After returning to the Seattle area, Doug attended college again and was asked to accompany the jazz choir on piano.  This was his first exposure with accompanying a choir.  It was a great experience and challenged him to learn more on the piano.
     Also at this time Doug started playing in a christian rock band (The Better Way Band).  They performed and wrote their own original music.  Doug performed on keyboards, accoustic guitar and vocals.  They were together off and on for about 15 years.  This was his first exposure to having someone other than himself perform music he wrote.  This inspired him and still does.
     Doug became a career firefighter in 1994.  He retired from the fire service in April of 2021, where he had been a Deputy Fire Marshal and Fire Investigator.  
 In 2014, Doug married his wonderful wife.  Doug would say that he is truly grateful for her love and inspiration. Doug has always looked to do something with his love of music and now fulfills that desire with creating music with the help of Seiko.
After Doug and Seiko moved to central Washington, Doug began working for Yakima County as a Fire Safety Specialist. A year and a half later he gets the opportunity to serve the Yakima County Community as the Yakima County Fire Marshal.

Doug Werts
Doug Werts
Doug & Seiko at Bothell Landing Park
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