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Seiko Inada Werts

Seiko was born in Hiroshima Japan. Music has always been an important aspect of her life. She began playing the piano at the age of three. But she didn't start singing until much later during college. After graduating from college Seiko went to work as an English teacher in Hiroshima. At that time she also started a gospel music choir in the school she taught at.  People told her she had a very special gift. As an English teacher she was able to bring students to Western Washington to learn English while living at homes in the area.  Her students loved it. Seiko also fell in love with the area.  She moved to Washington State near Seattle in 2010.  Shortly afterwards she had the opportunity to join and perform with the Kirkland Choral Society.  
       In 2014 Seiko married Doug.  Shortly after their wedding she gave her very first solo performance in Hiroshima. It was a wonderful first concert. People came and filled the church to its limits. Many people were deeply touched by her  performance.  
     In 2015 Seiko returned to Japan to give two more performances. The first was for an alumni gathering for her High School and College. It was a fun experience for her.  
     The second time was a very special opportunity. Seiko was asked by the Japanese Ministry for Foreign Affairs to sing for a tea party hosted for the wives of foreign delegates and United Nations  female ambassadors. About one hundred and fifty countries were represented. It was a very wonderful time. It was a stong, heart warming time and many women were crying and full of joy. All deeply felt a flood of emotions and love.
      Seiko has recorded and produced three small CD's titled "Seiko's Heart - Smile Always", "Seiko's Heart - Flower" and a Christmas compilation CD. 
      During the global Pandemic 2020-2021, Seiko was the Virtual Artistic Director for the Kirkland Choral Society. This opportunity challenged Seiko with almost every aspect of creating two virtual concerts. She edited videos, mixed audio recordings, artistic production editing. She also directed rehearsals and encouraged singers.  Seiko continues her work with Kirkland Choral Society as the Associate Artistic Director for the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 choral season.

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